Financial Planning

Your Certified Financial Planner® is committed to understanding your goals and uncovering your financial blind spots. We develop a goal-based financial plan to solve your budgeting, investing, retirement planning and many other needs, then communicate regularly to ensure progress.

Goal based financial planning allows us to succeed together by setting short term goals and reviewing progress at regular intervals. The process works by achieving incremental steps toward a long term goal, while making course corrections when circumstances inevitably change.


  • Personal – We review family records, personal risk tolerance, budgeting, debt management and financial goals.
  • Retirement – We analyze current financial state, projected growth of income and future spending needs to provide investment plans designed to provide you with a comfortable retirement.
  • Investments – We analyze investment expectations, asset allocation, and their effect on your overall portfolio and ability to reach objectives and goals.
  • Tax – We analyze your income tax records, spending and planning for future spending, and impact of investment decisions on your current income tax and future tax liability. We may work closely with your tax advisor, if you choose, as we are not tax professionals.
  • Insurance – As a CFP® we review existing policies to ensure adequate insurance coverage.
  • Estate – We assist you in developing your long term strategies for estate issues including living trusts, powers of attorney, estate tax issues, and asset protection plans. You will need to retain an estate attorney to prepare appropriate documents if appropriate.
  • Goal-Based Savings and Other Objectives – We analyze current financial state and planning options in relation to providing a plan for goal-based savings such as education costs.


One-Page Financial Plan: Goals-based financial planning with written summary of steps to take now.

Your quarterback: Coordinate with other professionals* that you have selected, such as your attorney and accountant, so you can maximize personal time and focus

See All Accounts Online: No more multiple URLs and passwords. Securely connect all your accounts for viewing and store important documents (insurance policies, legal documents, tax returns) in our secure online vault.



Your Financial Foundation is built in your 20’s and 30’s. We can help you budget, invest newfound savings for near-term events, and ensure that your reitrement savings is on the right path. With the law of compound investment returns on our side, few decisions will impact your lifetime financial sercurity more than making the right choices today.

We provide solutions in areas including:

Financial Foundation

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*Any referral made by Windgate Wealth Management to a professional does not imply a recommendation.  We will provide a list of professionals, leaving the selection of a good fit up to you.

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